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Chil-LED Lighting System

Lighting for temperature controlled food and pharmaceutical production and storage

Olivewood’s designers have taken a completely fresh look at how lighting works in industrial refrigerated areas and have come up with a radically new, patented design of LED light fitting, known as Chil-LED.

Olivewood Chil-LED is optimized exclusively for use in insulated envelope chilled and frozen environments, where its unique structure achieves substantial benefits from reduced installation costs, lower energy consumption and improved reliability – even when compared with other Industrial LED lights.

Refrigerated areas are difficult to work in. They are busy, access is difficult and they often need to be kept spotlessly clean. They are also energy-intensive and therefore expensive to operate and maintain.

The ideal lighting system for cold stores would produce good light levels inside the cold store, but it would keep everything else outside. Electrical controls, wiring, brackets, heat – it would all be outside, so that the cold store environment could remain unaffected.

And that’s exactly how Olivewood’s team have designed the new Chil-LED light fitting.

Most cold stores, frozen warehouses, food preparation factories and other temperature controlled areas are built using an insulated envelope concept, where an inner structure is built from insulated panels inside a normal industrial building. It is the interior of this structure that is refrigerated and requires lighting.

Starting with the light source, latest generation LEDs have been specified and paired with Inventronics LED drivers, to give reliable, efficient, high quality light. A selection of interchangeable lenses can be used to tailor beam angles as required.

Chil-LED uses a unique heat pipe system to channel heat generated by its high power LEDs out through the ceiling of the cold store before it even enters the cold area. And because the heat never enters the cold store, it doesn’t need to be extracted again. That saves energy and money.

The system that carries the heat also carries the power from the LED driver modules to the LEDs, which means that all of the wiring and control gear is situated outside the cold store.

Mounting the Chil-LED fitting couldn’t be easier. There are no additional brackets or chains. The system that carries the heat and power through the ceiling panels also serves as the mounting system. It even incorporates an adjustable collar, which accommodates different insulated panel thicknesses, from 50mm up to 200mm.