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Clean Zone High Bay

Light Source 3030
CCT 4000K
CRI Range 80/90/95
AC Input 100-240V
Light Efficiency 165Lm/W
Power Efficiency >0.87
Beam Angle 60°/90°/110°
Ratings IP65 waterproof & IK10 impact resistant
Recommended Installation Height 3-20M

Our High Bay luminaire is one of the most powerful and robust LED fittings in our range. This fitting is a direct alternative to powerful high bay and metal halide lighting used in large industrial areas. Not only does this fitting offer brilliant light efficiency and excellent overall lumen output, the honeycomb design also massively reduces glare, to improve light quality. Also, like our Clean Zone luminaire, the High Bay has been designed with hygiene and cleanliness in mind. The external shell of this fitting is smooth and rounded, to minimise dust and dirt retention and allow for easy cleaning. The IP65 and IK10 ensures it is impenetrable and robust, making it an ideal solution for many of the same application as the Clean Zone luminaire but on a much larger scale. With a recommended installation height of anywhere between 3–20M, this fitting is ideal for any and all demanding industrial applications.

Optional functions

  • Dimmable
  • Emergency
  • Motion Sensor


Model Power (W) Lumens Lm/W
Clean Zone High Bay 100W 100 16500 165
Clean Zone High Bay 120W 120 19800 165
Clean Zone High Bay 150W 150 24750 165
Clean Zone High Bay 200W 200 33000 165


Model Length (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm)
Clean Zone High Bay 100W 360 200
Clean Zone High Bay 120W 360 200
Clean Zone High Bay 150W 360 200
Clean Zone High Bay 200W 360 200