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Olivewood LED Tri-proof Range

The Olivewood range of Tri-Proof LED luminaires provides ideal lighting solutions, not only for commercial, public and home use, but also for use in harsh operating environments. Resistant to damage from dirt and chemicals, physically robust and exceptionally water resistant, our complete Tri-Proof range is suitable for installation in both industrial and exposed exterior locations. The complete range is IP65 waterproof rated and IK08 impact resistance rated at the very least.

Designed to replace fluorescent tube fittings, the Olivewood Tri-Proof lighting range can deliver excellent energy savings, as well as reduced maintenance and improved light quality.

Titan Tri-Proof

Thanks to its impressive IK10 impact resistance and IP66 waterproof ratings, this robust luminaire is perfect for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Highly resistant to liquid, vapour, dust, corrosion and pressure, this LED is more than suitable for use in exposed exterior locations as well as harsh and demanding operating environments. This is an ideal lighting solution for small to medium sized areas, with a recommended installation height of between 2-8 meters. Our suggested placements include factories, warehouses, bus and train stations, airports & supermarkets.

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Titan Heavy Tri-Proof

The Titan Heavy is a heavyweight alternative to our Titan luminaire. This high-powered substitute is suitable for all of the same applications but on a larger scale, with more intense operating requirements. With a higher recommended installation height of between 2-15 meters and greater light efficiency, this luminaire is perfect for the same industrial and commercial applications as the Titan LED within a medium to large operating area.

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Clean Zone Tri-Proof

The Clean Zone luminaire is specifically designed to be a hygienic lighting solution. Its cylindrical design works to prevent dust and grime from settling on its surface. Its IP69K (IP67) waterproof rating indicates exceptional resistance to liquids, vapour, dust, pollutants, contaminants and corrosive substances. These characteristics help to keep its operating environment sanitary and pure, making it a perfect choice for the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Our suggested applications include food manufacturing and processing areas, food preparation spaces, cold stores, refrigeration rooms, hospitals, operating rooms, controlled environments and clean rooms. The recommended installation height for this product is 2-8 meters.

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Clean Zone High Bay

Our High Bay luminaire is one of the most powerful and robust LED fittings in our range. This fitting is a direct alternative to powerful high bay and metal halide lighting used in large industrial areas. Not only does this fitting offer brilliant light efficiency and excellent overall lumen output, the honeycomb design also massively reduces glare, to improve light quality. Also, like our Clean Zone luminaire, the High Bay has been designed with hygiene and cleanliness in mind. The external shell of this fitting is smooth and rounded, to minimise dust and dirt retention and allow for easy cleaning. The IP65 and IK10 ensures it is impenetrable and robust, making it an ideal solution for many of the same application as the Clean Zone luminaire but on a much larger scale. With a recommended installation height of anywhere between 3–20M, this fitting is ideal for any and all demanding industrial applications.

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Adaptive Tri-Proof

Our Adaptive luminaire is a fantastic all-round LED lighting solution. Low cost but excellent quality and high performance, this luminaire has endless potential applications. Its elegant design and ambient colour temperature makes it suitable for offices, schools, corridors, shops, exhibition halls, hotels, train and bus stations, airports and many more commercial and even home use applications. IP65 waterproof and IK08 impact ratings also make the Adaptive LED ideal for low intensity industrial applications as well as installation in exterior locations. These additional applications may include warehouse and factory lighting, car park lighting and general exterior lighting.

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